Live dealer technology. How it fuels online English casinos?

Live dealer technology. How it fuels online English casinos?


What powers the live dealer casinos? In the immediate future, it is going to take a new step 3win Singapore. A new trend in online casino gaming is live casinos. This technology has lifted casinos into high spirits. Let us see how it works. Live dealer technology presents the game in a new way. What happens is a fusion. Real and virtual fuse together to create more exciting experiences. Streamed with high HD, live dealers live casinos has set a boom in the industry. It comprises a studio room, a software room, and an analyst. There are even options for enjoying these live games through TV channels and mobile phones.

Now, what makes this live dealer technology more fascinating. 

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To make the casino journey more lively, It is important to equip with top-quality technologies for flawless entertainment. Smaller but powerful HD cameras wired from different angles give players the flexibility to view the table. This gives an overall view of the table and wheel.


A boon comes true for live casinos.OCR system follows all card symbols, suits, wheels, dice, and other data. This collected data is the reference for live dealers which is projected on a screen. This enabled announcement of data.So that the player can understand the statistics easily.OCR is what makes the casinos lively. This enables the dynamics and makes the experience seem very similar to brick and mortar casinos.

The Technology behind a Live Casino

Instant messages 

The live casinos help in making the system stay on a social network. The players can interact easily. Realtime chat enabled helps the newbies understand the full dynamics of the game. Players with concern about any function can make use of this and they are sure to get replies.


The gaming control unit orGCU is called the CPU of love casinos. Every Table has this attached. Without game controlling units, live casinos stay passive. The unit looks so small but don’t judge the book by its cover, Game Control unit would not even come in the size of a mobile. This is what helps the play go on without any delay.

Live dealer

Even if it is online,well-trained and highly knowledgeable dealers can track the activities of all games. They offer services in many languages other than English. They guide you and track every action. The dealer has to multitask and see how many are playing and how many break the rule.

Play Multiple Games

Live casinos allow a gambler to play a maximum of 4 games at a time. Some casinos offer VIP rooms. These are suitable for high rollers. This offers enhanced thrilling and maximum number of possibilities. 


These are all to satisfy the gambler who does not get satiated. Real communication with the real dealer is what casinos are offering new. Though the casino owners know satiating your gambling appetite is never possible, they come up with new concepts every time trying their skills. From Augmentation to chatbots casinos are welcoming all to hit the jackpot of times. 

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